VESUVIUS - The Toshi Clinch Big Band


VESUVIUS - The Toshi Clinch Big Band

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Vesuvius by the Toshi Clinch Big Band

1. Vesuvius 05:29

2. Bacon Grease 08:21

3. Eva 04:05

4. Kangaroo Bruise Blues 10:40

5. Spank-A-Lee (feat. Pat Coil) 07:18

6. Double-0-Nothin' 07:50

7. Job -The Aftermath- 08:17

8. Samba Juice 05:44

9. I Used to Say 06:17

10. A Night in Tunisia 04:58

Released August 15, 2017

Director: Toshi Clinch
Manager: Toshi Clinch
Producers: Toshi Clinch, Drew Zaremba, Benni Knop, Matt Pence
Recording Engineer: Matt Pence
Assistant Recording Engineer: Justin Collins
Recording Engineer Intern: Colin Knowles
Mixing Engineer: Benni Knop
Graphic Designer: Lam Nguyen
Social Media Assistant: Spencer Cook
Photographer: Caleb Karrenbrock
Videographer: Caleb Karrenbrock
Recorded on April 21-23, 2017 at The Echo Lab Studio, Argyle, TX. 
Mixed and Mastered by Benni Knop in Melbourne, Australia.