Universal Funk Orchestra, or better known as UFO, is a 14-piece band comprised of musicians in the Dallas, TX area. The band primarily performs the music of famous funk and soul bands from the 70's to the present. Recently the band recorded a collaborative Hip-Hop album with a local artist Thani, titled RESPONSE.

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Response is the first album by UFO Funk Band, and is a collaborative project with Texan artist Thani. The album is comprised of 17 tracks that are a response to certain aspects of Thani's life, and as a result vary considerably in style and genre. Overall the project started as an idea by Toshi Clinch to challenge the member s of UFO musically, and in the process an experimental hip-hop album that blends electronics with live instruments was created. The album features multiple guest artists and was recorded at the Panhandle House in Denton, TX in 2015.

The CD/DVD of RESPONSE is now available for purchase from iTunes and Amazon, as well as all major audio streaming services.



UFO Plays Chicago | Tower of Power | James Brown | Blood, Sweat & Tears EP's

Just after releasing Response, UFO went back into the studio to record over 20 tracks for their upcoming multiple EP release. These EP's will include the band playing the music of Chicago, Blood, Sweat and Tears, Tower of Power, and James Brown. Currently these recordings are in post production and will be released in 2018.






Spencer Cook - Trumpet (Yorba Linda, CA)

Originally from California, Spencer grew up playing trumpet and learning from some of America's finest studio musicians. He is now located in the DFW area, where he is finishing a degree in Audio Production at The University of North Texas, and has been able to perform and workshop with a multitude of famous jazz artists. 

Kole Pantuso - Trumpet (San Antonio, TX)

In the last few years Kole has distinguished himself as a formidable classical and jazz trumpet player. He is currently completing his undergraduate degree in Music Performance at The University of North Texas, and takes part in a wide range of ensembles both within the university and in the DFW music scene.

Simon Giavaras - Trombone (Des Plaines, IL)

Currently living in Denton, TX, Simon is an established jazz trombonist in the DFW music scene. He moved to Denton to pursue studies at the University of North Texas where he has performed with numerous jazz greats, including Danilo Perez and many more. 

Howard Dietz - Alto Sax (Morgan Hill, CA)

Howard, or better known as "Howi", is currently pursuing a degree in Jazz Studies at The University of North Texas where he has performed for multiple years with the Two O'Clock Lab Band, and is currently the 2nd Alto Sax in the multiple Grammy Nominated One O'Clock Lab Band. Having proven himself as a reputable saxophone player, Howi has performed with many famous musicians and is well known in both the San Fransisco and DFW music scene.

Benjamin Kean - Tenor Sax (Plano, TX)

Originally a Music Education major, Ben is now pursuing a degree in Jazz Studies at The University of North Texas. In his time at the prestigious university, he has established himself as a fantastic saxophone player as well as a capable arranger/composer. He currently performs with numerous ensembles both in and out of the university. 

Jeremy Langthorn - Bari Sax (Temple, TX)

Alongside many others in UFO, Jeremy is currently studying Jazz Studies at The University of North Texas. Although he performs on baritone saxophone with UFO, he is also a fantastic tenor and alto saxophone player and works with multiple other bands in the DFW area in his spare time. 



Roger Hunt - Guitar (Decatur, GA)

After learning the fundamentals of the guitar from some of Atlanta's best blues guitarists, Roger currently lives in the DFW area and is finishing his degree in Jazz Studies from The University of North Texas. During his spare time, Roger runs a local rock trio called "Tripping Over The Sun" and performs in many different bands associated with the university.

Paul Lees - Piano/Keyboards (Saint Peters, MO)

Paul, or better known as"#PaulLeesOnKeys", is a distinguished pianist in the DFW music scene. He is able to play a range of styles at a very high level of musicality, and is a former member of the multiple Grammy Nominated One O'Clock Lab Band at The University of North Texas, where he is pursuing a Master of Music in Jazz Studies degree.

Drew Zaremba - Organ (Yorba Linda, CA)

Multi-Instrumentalist, Arranger, Composer, and Producer are only a few of the many titles that describe Drew. He is a prominent musician in the DFW scene, and has written, arranged, and recorded music for a countless list of artists all over the world. Recently he completed his Masters Degree in Music at the University of North Texas and is currently working as a freelance artist in DFW.

Andrew Popham - Drum Set (Palacios, TX)

As both a fantastic drum set player and percussionist, Andrew brings UFO together with a strong sense of rhythm and shake-your-butt grooves. Currently studying at The University of North Texas, he is involved in many projects within the university. Due to his musical versatility on the drum set Andrew has played and work-shopped with famous jazz artists as well as performing around the United States with multiple bands.

Luke Berger - Percussion (Mount Sterling, OH)

With the choice and variety of so many percussion instruments, Luke's musical maturity helps create the UFO sound by picking the perfect sound at just the right moment. He is currently studying at The University of North Texas as both a drum set and percussion player, and is a member of the Two O'Clock Lab Band. 

Josh Gilbert - Percussion (Murfreesboro, TN)

Coming from Tennessee, one of the largest music scenes in the United States, Josh is a versatile percussionist and drum set player who is becoming one of the top call percussionists at the University of North Texas. Josh has spent many years studying Afro-Cuban, Indian, African, and Latin American percussion styles and brings his unwavering musical knowledge to every performance.


Morgan Wallace - Vocals (Meridian, TX)

As a recent graduate from the vocal jazz program at The University of North Texas, Morgan brings a background in rock combined with the technical ability and vocabulary of a great jazz singer to UFO. With a voice that is as solid as rock, Morgan is becoming a recognizable force in the North Texas area. 

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